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Defining Your Hole Strategies
You can define your Hole Strategies by creating Manufacturing UDFs based on Holemaking NC sequences.
The Holemaking NC sequence used to define a UDF for Auto Drilling has the following characteristics:
Can machine only one hole (including any coaxial holes, bores, countersinks, and so on)
Cannot itself be created from a UDF (must be a regular Holemaking NC sequence)
When defining the UDF, you must specify the following references:
operation—The operation.
oper_csys—The Machine coordinate system.
csys—The NC Sequence coordinate system.
oper_retract—The Operation retract.
retract—The NC Sequence retract.
axis—The hole axis.
start_surface—The start surface for the drilling sequence.
The syntax of these UDF references must be exactly as shown above.