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CL Output for Multitasking Tools
The CL output of a multitasking tool includes an additional entry for A-axis rotation. This rotation is required to position the tool to the correct tip for the current step. The rotation entry in the TURRET record of the CL data file is of the following form:
The above entry is not output to the CL data file under the following conditions:
TIP1 is used without a previous step.
The previous and current step use the same tip.
Suppose a multitasking tool in position 5 has the following parameters:
Six tips at 60 degree angles to each other.
Gauge lengths along the X-axis and Z-axis of 2.2 and 6.0 units respectively.
Step2 using TIP 4 and offset number 14
The CL record for Step2 in the CL output is as follows:
TURRET/5, XAXIS, 2.200000, ZAXIS, 6.000000, OSETNO, 14, SETANG, AAXIS, 120, CCW