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About Swarf Milling
Swarf Milling is a different type of Surface Milling, which lets you machine a series of surfaces by cutting with the side of the tool. By default, Swarf Milling produces a slice-by-slice tool path, with the slice shape corresponding to the 5-axis geometry being machined. You can define other shape for the slices, if desired.
At any point on the tool path, the tool is positioned tangent to the surface being machined. You can change the default axis definitions, as desired, by specifying a series of axis directions at a number of points selected. The default axis directions correspond to the machined geometry (the axes follow the boundary edges of the surfaces) or follow the ruling lines of the surfaces that are ruled. If you want to ignore the ruling lines of the ruled surfaces, set the IGNORE_RULINGS parameter to YES (the default is NO). You can also choose between two algorithms for the axis interpolation between the surfaces to be machined by using the AXIS_DEF_CONTROL parameter.
Swarf Milling supports tapered tools, as well as the regular (cylindrical) ones.