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About Round Milling
Round Milling consists of milling round surfaces such as surfaces of cylinders, fillets, and so on. You can machine a single rounded edge, a single chain of rounded edges (open on both ends), or a single closed loop of rounded edges. For example, on top of a Pocket feature. You must use either a tool of the type Corner Rounding with the Radius parameter of the tool equal to the radius of the Top Round, or a sketched tool. The parameters used for machining are NUMBER_FIRST_FINCUTS, NUMBER_LAST_CUTS, FIRST_FINCUT_OFFSET, LAST_FINCUT_OFFSET,CORNER_FINISH_TYPE, INTER_RET_HEIGHT, SIDE_CLEARANCE, and TOOL_OVERLAP. For details on these parameters, see topic Milling Parameters Specific to 2-Axis Trajectory Milling.