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About NC Post-Processing
Creo NC generates cutter location (CL) data files in an ASCII format that need to be post-processed to create Machine Control Data (MCD) files before any machining operation occurs.
Each Creo NC module includes a standard set of NC post-processors that can be executed directly or modified using an optional module. You can control which post-processing module to use by setting the configuration option ncpost_type. The values are:
(default)—Use the G-Post™ post-processors provided by Austin N.C. Corporation.
—Use the Creo NCPOST post-processors.
Other post-processors are certified for use with Creo NC CL data files.
External Post-Processors
The following post-processors are certified for use with Creo NC CL Data files:
Supplied by
ICAM Technologies Corporation
Software Magic, Inc.
NC Post Plus™
CAD/CAM Resources, Inc.
Other post-processor reading APT should also, with little additional code, be able to process Creo NC CL files.
Execution of the Post-Processor
From within Creo NC, you can:
Select which post-processor to use.
Execute post-processors with option to run CL file.
Execute post-processors with options directly upon output of tool path.