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About the Follow Cut Functionality
You can customize a cut motion by creating single or multiple follow cuts that reference the created cut motions. Note the following points about the follow cut functionality.
Inserting and Editing a Follow Cut
A new follow cut is always inserted relative to the selected cut as follows:
Immediately after the cut when you select the parent cut motion.
When the Insert Here arrow is in the Tool Motions list, the parent cut motion is the cut motion immediately previous to this arrow in the list. In this case, the follow cut is inserted above the arrow.
You can add a one or more follow cuts manually for an existing cut motion. Right–clicking the cut motion in the Tool Motions list and selecting Add Follow Cut from the shortcut menu.
You can edit an existing follow cut and perform the following operations:
Modify the parameters of the follow cut.
Adjust the end locations cut to follow a portion of the cut.
Reverse the direction of the cut.
To set an end location, right-click the motion in the graphics window and select End of cut from the shortcut menu. You can also toggle between the end location using End 1 and End 2 options on the shortcut menu.
Adjusting the End Locations in Follow Cut
You can adjust the cut by changing the end locations. When you change the length of the parent cut motion using the end positions along the cut, the follow cut changes accordingly. You can change the cut length by changing the start and end position along the cut using ratio or distance as measurement options.
If the measurement option is Distance, the distance from the start and end of the cut is maintained. The cut may grow larger or smaller, depending on how the overall length of the cut changes.
If the measurement option is Ratio, the length of the follow cut relative to the overall cut motion length is preserved. The position of start and end locations may change.