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About Cutline Milling
Cut Lines define the point of contact between the cutting tool and the surface being machined, creating a smooth tool path. Note the following points on Cutline milling:
Define cut lines by selecting edges or datum curves, as well as by sketching the cut lines and projecting on the surfaces to be machined.
Machine an open or closed loop of cut lines by selecting cut lines appropriately.
Select surfaces, other than surfaces to be machined, to be used for defining the cut lines.
Use the Auto Cutline option to create cut line tool paths automatically for machine references that include a single closed boundary edge. The boundary edge is automatically selected as the outer cut line. The inner cut line is a point that you can drag to the desired location.
When milling multiple nonsmooth surfaces using cut lines, set the STEPOVER_TRANSITION parameter to YES to achieve a smooth tool path during spherical to conical surface transitions. The default value of this parameter is NO. You can also set the STEEP_STEP_OVER parameter to an appropriate value to create extra machining slices for a smoother tool path. You must select at least three cut lines and sequentially order the cut lines in the Cut Lines tab. See the topic Example – Cutline Milling for details.