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About Chamfer Milling
Chamfer milling consists of milling chamfer-like surfaces. You can chamfer-mill a single chamfered edge, a single chain of chamfered edges (open on both ends), or a single closed loop of chamfered edges. For example, on top of a Pocket feature. You must use a tool of the type Chamfering, Drilling, or Countersink, with the Point Angle parameter of the tool corresponding to the chamfer angle. For example, if you have a 45 degree chamfer, use the tool with the Point Angle of 90 degree.
The parameters used for machining are CUTTING_DIAMETER, NUMBER_FIRST_FINCUTS, NUMBER_LAST_FINCUTS, FIRST_FINCUT_OFFSET, LAST_FINCUT_OFFSET,CORNER_FINISH_TYPE, INTER_RET_HEIGHT, PERCENT_LENGTH, SIDE_CLEARANCE, and TOOL_OVERLAP. Here the CUTTING_DIAMETER defines the point on the tapered tool which follows the basic contact point on the chamfer.
For more information on these parameters, see topics Milling Parameters and Milling Parameters Specific to 2-Axis Trajectory Milling.