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To Use a Tool Attachment
1. On the SEQ SETUP menu, click Attachment and click Done. The NCSEQ ATTACHMENT menu appears.
2. Click Add. The file browser opens.
If you want to use an automatic tool attachment, then only the Info command is available on the NCSEQ ATTACHMENT menu. The Add and Remove commands are not available. Creo NC automatically identifies and uses the attachment from the tool attachment assembly in the NC sequence.
3. Select the name of the attachment model. It may be a part or assembly. It must have the two coordinate systems, SPINDLE_CONTROL_POINT and TOOL_ATTACH_POINT, and the ATTACHMENT_NUMBER parameter defined. If any of these elements are missing, Creo NC issues an error message and the attachment is not added.
4. If the attachment is added successfully, the Remove and Info commands on the NCSEQ ATTACHMENT menu become available. Info displays the attachment model in a separate window, while Remove lets you remove this attachment. You cannot add another attachment until you remove this one.
5. Click Done to finalize the attachment setup.