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To Set Creo NC Configuration Options
1. Click File > Options. The Creo Parametric Options dialog box opens.
2. Select Configuration Editor, which enables you to view and manage configuration options.
3. Click Display Filters > Show current session options to see currently loaded configuration options or clear this check box to see all configuration options.
4. Click Display Filters > Show options located in Favorites to see configuration options added as favorites.
To add a configuration option to a favorites list, select Add to Favorites in the right-click menu of the option.
5. To set the value of a configuration option, perform the following steps:
Click Find. The Find Option dialog box opens.
Type a keyword and click Find Now. All options with the keyword in their name are displayed.
Select the required option and in the Set value box select a value.
The default value is followed by an asterisk (*).
Click Add/Change. The configuration option and its value appear in the list on the Options dialog box. A green status icon confirms the change.
6. When you finish configuring Creo NC, click OK in the Options dialog box.
It is recommended that you set the Creo NC configuration options before starting a new Creo NC project.