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Multiple Tip Tool Models
You can create a solid model with multiple tips and use it as a solid multiple tip tool in the Tool Setup dialog box. Creo NC uses this solid model only for tool simulation and not for toolpath computation or degouging.
Note the following points while creating a solid multiple tip tool:
Multiple tip tools can have a minimum of 2 tips and maximum of 8 tips.
You must specify the number of tips in the NUM_OF_TIPS parameter and MULTI_TIP as the TOOL_TYPE parameter.
You must indicate each tool tip with a coordinate system with the corresponding tip number, such as TIP1, TIP2, TIP3, and so on.
You must also specify the tip diameter, tip angle, and tip height for each tip, as the value for the TIPx_DIAMETER, TIPx_ANGLE, TIPx_HEIGHT parameter names, respectively, where x is the tool tip number.
The height of the first tool tip must be zero.
For solid multiple tip tools, Creo Parametric does not check whether the diameter of a given tool tip is greater than that of the previous tool tip.
You can export the control point or tip information on the Material Removal tab.