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Multi-Step Engraving
When you create an Engraving NC sequence, the tool diameter determines the width of cut, and the GROOVE_DEPTH parameter determines the depth of cut. You can perform Engraving in multiple step increments if you set the parameter STEP_DEPTH to a value smaller than the GROOVE_DEPTH. For example, if your GROOVE_DEPTH is 2mm, and you set STEP_DEPTH to .5, the tool will make 4 cutting passes following the trajectory of the Groove feature. The default value of STEP_DEPTH is a dash (-), that is, not used.
The NUMBER_CUTS parameter lets you limit the number of cuts when the STEP_DEPTH parameter is also specified. In the example above, if you also specify NUMBER_CUTS 2, the tool will make just two cutting passes, one at a depth of 1.5 mm and the other at the depth of 2 mm. The default NUMBER_CUTS is a dash (-), that is, not used.