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Licensing and CMM Probing in Creo NC
You must have a CMM license to add CMM steps in an NC project. Without the license, you can view CMM steps within the NC model but not edit the steps. With the Enable CMM Probing option in the Machine Tool Setup dialog box, you can add CMM steps along with an NC sequence. When you enable CMM probing, the CMM options become available.
CMM Toolbar—Displays icons for creating CMM steps.
Steps menu—Includes commands such as Plane and Sphere for creating CMM steps.
Site files—Provides for the selection of CMM site files. Use the Defaults button in the Output tab of the Machine Tool Setup dialog box to select the site files.
CL data output—Combines CL data and DMIS syntaxes separated by the DMIS/ON and DMIS/OFF commands.
CL Player—Displays both CL and DMIS data if you select an operation that combines a CMM and NC step.
Process Table—Includes CMM steps along with the other manufacturing process objects.
You cannot edit or create CMM steps in the process table.
You cannot export CMM information to an XML file.
You can only create reference patterns of Measure steps.
You cannot use options such as NC check, gouge check, and CL edit for CMM steps.