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To Output Operator Instructions
1. Click Inspect > Inspection Machine > DMIS Text.
2. The DMIS TEXT menu appears with the following options:
Create—Create a new DMIS TEXT table.
Modify—Modify the current DMIS TEXT table.
Retrieve—Retrieve an existing DMIS TEXT table from the current working directory.
Save—Save the current DMIS TEXT table for later use. You will be prompted for the name of the file. The file will have an extension ".ppr" and will be stored in the current working directory.
Show—Show the current DMIS TEXT settings.
3. If the table has not been set up, the Modify option will be grayed out. Choose Create. If you have previously set up a DMIS TEXT table, you can either change your former settings using the Modify option, or start with a clean table using Create.
4. The system displays the DMIS TEXT dialog box. It contains all the items that can be output through DMIS TEXT. Whether an item will be output or not is determined by the flag value. The default flag value for all items is NO.
5. Highlight the items where you want to change the flag value by clicking on them once, then click on the appropriate action button (Oper, Outfil, Man, or No). To unselect an item, click on it once more. You can also use the Select All and Unselect All icons.
6. To set a different flag value for another item or items, choose Unselect All (to clear the previously selected items), then repeat Step 5.
7. To supply comments for an item, highlight it and type the comment in the Comments text box. When you highlight an item with an existing comment, the comment is displayed in the Comments text box. While editing a comment, you can revert to the previous value by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Comments text box.
8. Click OK to finish setting the DMIS TEXT table.