To Insert DMIS Commands
You can insert a customized DMIS command anywhere along the probe path. You can either select a location on the probe path, or insert a command at the current probe position.
1. Choose DMIS Command from the drop-down list in the Customize dialog box, and click Insert. The DMIS Command dialog box opens.
2. Select a location for the DMIS command by using the following option buttons:
Current—The DMIS command will be output at the current probe position.
On Tool Path—Click Select and select a location on the probe path. You can pick anywhere on the probe path as it is defined for the current Auxiliary step.
3. Specify the command contents using one of the following methods:
Place the cursor in the Command text box and type the command, line-by-line.
Click File and read in a file containing the DMIS command lines. The browser opens to let you select the file name. The expected file extension is ".cmd".
You can edit the contents of the Command text box at any point by placing the cursor in it and using the keyboard.
If you supply more than one command line, they will be treated as a "block," that is, you will be able to move, copy, or delete only the whole block of command lines.
4. The Preview button inserts the command line(s) in the DMIS file at the selected location to let you preview the result. Click OK to insert the command at selected location, or Cancel to quit inserting the command.
Once you insert a DMIS command, its first line appears in the list in the upper portion of the Customize dialog box.