To Display the Probe Path
1. Click Inspect > Probe Path.
2. Choose one of:
Operation—Display the probe path for a whole operation. Select the operation name from the namelist menu.
CMM Step—Display the probe path for an individual step. Select the step name from the namelist menu.
3. Choose Display from the PATH menu.
4. The PLAY PATH menu opens with the following commands:
Compute CL—Forces the system to recompute the DMIS data at this time. If you do not select this option, the last computed DMIS data is used. However, the DMIS data is recomputed if you have modified parameters or model geometries that affect the DMIS data after the probe path was last computed.
Collision—Enables collision checking when displaying the probe path.
5. Select the option you want and choose Done. The system displays the probe path and the PLAY PATH dialog box appears. You can interrupt the probe path display at any time by clicking on the STOP sign in the lower-right corner of the Creo Parametric window.