To Display a DMIS File
Choosing the Show File command from the PROBE PATH menu enables you to view the contents of a DMIS file in the Information Window. The Information Window displays the DMIS data for the selected step or operation; you can use the scroll bar in the window to view each line of data, or you can use the CL EXEC menu to locate a specific line.
The CL EXEC menu contains the following commands:
Step—Scroll through the DMIS file line-by-line.
Jump—Scroll quickly to the specified line of the DMIS file.
Position—Indicate the position in the CL file by entering a line number or picking a location on the probe path.
Next—Advance to the next line of the CL file.
Prev—Return to the preceding line of the CL file.
FF—Advance to the next line in the CL file which contains the specified string.
Rew—Return to the nearest preceding line which contains the specified string.
Measure—Bring up the MEASURE menu to measure distances, calculate clearance or interference, etc.
Done/Return—Exit the CL EXEC menu.