To Create a Probe Model
To set up a probe, do the following in Part or Assembly mode, prior to starting the CMM session.
1. Create probe geometry. Place a coordinate system at the center of each spherical tip. Create another coordinate system to serve as the probe origin.
2. Change the tip coordinate system names to TIP1, TIP2, and so on. Rename the probe origin coordinate system to TOOL.
3. Add a String type parameter to the model. Enter TOOL_TYPE for the parameter name and either FIXED_PROBE or ROTATING_PROBE for the parameter value.
4. For a rotating probe specify the parameters—PITCH_ANGLE, MAX_PITCH_ANGLE, MIN_PITCH_ANGLE, ROLL_ANGLE, MAX_ROLL_ANGLE, MIN_ROLL_ANGLE, PITCH_INCREMENT, and ROLL_INCREMENT. There are two ways to do this:
Modify appropriate dimension symbols to exactly correspond to the parameter names. Choose Modify from the PART menu, then choose DimCosmetics and Symbol. Pick on the feature to display dimensions, then pick on dimension text and enter the new symbolic name, for example PITCH_ANGLE.
Add parameters to the model with the names exactly corresponding to the probe parameter names, for example MAX_PITCH_ANGLE.