The CMM Construct Tab
The following commands are common for all Construct steps:
Type—Specify the type of the Constructed entity. For each general type of entity such as Plane, Circle, or Point, you have several types available. For example, Best Fit, Intersect, and other types. For more information about these types along with the required references, see Related Topics.
Reference Features—Select geometric references for the Construct step. You can only select the existing Measured or Constructed entities as references for creating new Constructed entities. The number and type of references depend on the specific type of Construct step.
Name—Type a name for the step. This command is optional.
Comment—Enter comment to be output before the DMIS block for the step. This command is optional.
Save—Set up SAVE tag for DMIS output. If you specify that the Construct step should be saved, the SAVE command is saved to the DMIS file. This command is optional.