Parameter Visibility
Some of the measure parameters are always the same and need not be changed at the Measure step level. You can set them up in a site file, and then remove them from display when you are modifying the Measure step parameters. Similarly, you can specify which parameters are to be listed when you output the CMM process information.
Parameter visibility can be specified using the following means:
When you set up site parameters, two columns are available for each parameter:
SET UP VISIBLE—Specifies if the parameter should appear in the Measure step parameter list when creating or redefining Measure steps.
INFO VISIBLE—Specifies if the parameter should be listed when you display CMM Info.
The default values for all parameters are YES for both columns. If you set a value to NO, this parameter will not be visible.
If you specify that a parameter is invisible in Measure steps, it must have a set default value before the site may be accepted by CMM. If you set a parameter with a "-1" value to be invisible, the system will issue an error message and allow you to re-edit the site table.
The Visibility option in the Tools menu on the Edit Parameters dialog box allows you to modify parameter visibility:
When setting parameters at the operation level.
At the time of creating or redefining a Measure step.
When you select this option, a Pro/TABLE window appears with the list of all parameters and the two visibility columns, as described above.