To Set CMM Configuration Options
1. Click File > Options. The Creo Parametric Options dialog box opens.
2. Select Configuration Editor from the list on the left panel.
3. Sort the options using the Sort list. The options are Alphabetical, As Set, and By Category.
4. Select the Display Filters option. You can select the Show current session options to see configuration options for the current session. Deselect this option to see all the configuration options. You can also select Show options located in Favorites to see your favorite options.
5. To update a configuration option:
Select a configuration option from the list
In the Value box type or select a value.
The default value is followed by an asterisk (*).
6. To add a new configuration options:
Click Add. The Options dialog box opens.
Type the configuration option name in the Option name box
Type the value in the Option value box.
Click OK
7. The configuration option and its value appear in the list. A green status icon confirms the change.
8. When you finish configuring CMM, click OK.
It is recommended that you set the CMM configuration options before starting a new CMM project.