To Create a Theoretical Line
Theoretical creates a Constructed Line with reference to an existing line.
1. Click Inspect > Line/Axis. The CMM Construct Step dialog box opens.
2. Select Theoretical from the CONST LINE menu.
3. Define the reference features using the CMM Construct Step dialog box. To modify any of the values in the CMM Construct Step dialog box, select the value and click CMM CONSTRUCT. You can define or modify the following elements in the CMM Construct Step dialog box:
Name—Specify a name for the constructed line. Creo Parametric automatically assigns a default name for the theoretical line as C_LN<xx>, where xx is the serial number of the line.
Ref Csys—Select the reference coordinate system for the constructed line.
Type—Select the type of constructed line that you want to create.
Ref Feats—Specify reference features for the selected type of constructed line. To create a theoretical line, select the line that you want to reference. Alternatively, you can create a line on the fly and use it as the reference line.
Comment(Optional)—Enter the comments for the theoretical line, if any.
Save(Optional)—Specify whether you want to output the Save command to the DMIS file.
4. Click OK to create the theoretical line.