To Create a Camera Probe Model
Before starting the CMM session, follow these steps in Part or Assembly mode.
1. Create camera probe geometry.
2. Place a coordinate system at the center of the model. Change the coordinate system name to TIP1. CMM uses this coordinate system when you enable fiber probing using the Enable Fiber option in the Probe Setup dialog box.
3. Create another coordinate system to serve as the probe origin. Rename the probe origin coordinate system to TOOL.
4. Create the following coordinate systems in the same plane:
a. FOCALn—To define the focal depth of the camera and the center of the camera’s Field of View (FOV).
b. FOVn—To define the lower-left corner of the FOV. This coordinate system is symmetric relative to the FOCAL coordinate system.
For multiple-focus camera probes, define multiple FOCAL and FOV coordinate systems. There must be a FOCALn for each FOVn and vice versa. For example, FOCAL1 for FOV1, FOCAL2 for FOV2, and so on. You can define up to 5 focal points.
5. Add a String type parameter to the model. Enter TOOL_TYPE for the parameter name and CAMERA_PROBE for the parameter value.