To Add a Camera Probe
1. Take one of the following actions:
Click Inspect > Probes.
Click Probes on the Probes tab in the CMM Work Center dialog box.
The Probe Setup dialog box opens.
2. Click File > Open Probe Library. The browser opens.
3. Select a part or assembly.
CMM looks for CMM-specific information in the probe model and sets the appropriate probe parameters. If the coordinate systems or probe parameters are missing, an error message appears and you must select another probe. After successful retrieval of the probe, CMM adds the selected probe to the list of probes in the Probe Setup dialog box.
4. To add a fiber probe, select Enable Fiber.
5. To add a scanning probe, click Scanning on the Settings tab in the Probe Setup dialog box.
The Scanning option is not available if you select the Enable Fiber option in the General tab in the Probe Setup dialog box.