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To Perform Printability Validation
You can validate the printability of the following items:
Thin walls
Narrow gaps
Lattice penetration
Validate narrow gaps or thin walls
1. On the Tray tab, click the arrow next to Printability Validation, and then click the analysis to perform:
Validate Thin Walls
Validate Narrow Gaps
The printability validation dialog box opens, displaying the selected validation analysis.
2. To select parts for which to validate printability, in the graphics window, click the parts. The parts are added to the Reference collector.
3. Define the minimal values and the tolerance.
4. Click Compute. The analysis runs.
5. When the validation analysis finishes, the results are displayed in the validation dialog box, and in a panel in the graphics window.
If there are no printability violations, you can proceed to 3D printing.
If there are printability violations, the areas that violate the defined minimum value are highlighted in the graphics window.
6. To highlight issues and to fly-through to the relevant geometry, double-click the part in the validation analysis dialog box.
7. You can take the following actions based on the printability validation analysis results:
Fix the printability issues in Creo Parametric or in Creo Direct.
Ignore the issues, yet you might not be satisfied with the printing results.
Validate lattice penetration
Validate that the lattice penetrates the solid body.
1. On the Tray tab, click Printability Validation > Validate Lattice Penetration. The analysis runs.
2. When the analysis finishes running, a message is displayed.
If no printability issues are found, proceed to 3D printing.
If mismatch between the lattice resolution and the penetration depth is found, a message that lists the mismatched lattice features is displayed.
To fix the mismatch, change the penetration value by clicking Tray > Preparation > Lattice Penetration and typing a new value.