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To Order Models from a Service Bureau
1. When you have a model open, click File > Print > Order 3D Print. A tray that contains a preview of the model opens, displaying the model with no colors. Alternatively, for remote 3D printers that are supported by Creo Parametric, click File > Print > Prepare for 3D Printing, edit the parameters and click Preview 3D Printing.
2. To change the tesselation of the model you want to send to the service bureau, click Tessellation Options and change the parameters.
3. To export the STL files, follow these steps:
a. To set the export options:
a. Click File > Options. The Creo Parametric Options dialog box opens.
b. Click Additive Manufacturing. The additive manufacturing settings page opens.
c. To export the model bodies, lattice, and support structures as separate STL files, select the Export body, lattice, and support separately check box. When selected, you can also choose the following option:
d. For models that contain more than one body, to export each body as a separate STL file, select the Export each body in a separate STL file check box.
b. Click Export.
If more than one STL file is generated, the Export Zip dialog box opens. All the STL files produced by the model are saved in a single ZIP file.
If one STL file is generated, the Export STL dialog box opens.
c. Type a name for the STL files next to File name, and click Save. An STL file or a ZIP file that contains the STL files is created in your working folder:
<prefix>_<body name>_index_B.stl contains the data for the model geometry
<prefix>_<lattice name>_index_L.stl contains the data for the lattice
<prefix>_S.stl contains the data for the support structures
4. To view the interior of the model and the support material at various points during the printing process, click Clipping and use the 3D dragger to display the interior of the model.
5. Click Place an Order. The Select a 3D Printing Service window opens.
6. Select the service bureau you want to use and click OK. The Select a 3D Printing Service window closes. The embedded browser opens with the selected service bureau website and your model.
7. Proceed with the instructions from the service bureau.
8. When you complete ordering the model, click Close.