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Glossary for Additive Manufacturing
Build material
The material the 3D printer uses to manufacture the model.
Chord height
The maximal distance between the model surface and the tessellated surface created in the tessellated model.
Service bureau
A company that provides 3D printing services. You can order a model by directly connecting to one of the service bureaus listed in Creo Parametric.
Stereolithography file. The Additive Manufacturing application sends an STL file to the printer. The STL resolution is highest when the chord height is minimal.
Support material
The material that the 3D printer uses to stabilize the model during printing. This material is removed after the 3D printing process is complete. The amount of support material is determined by the system and is affected by the shape and position of the model and other parameters.
Tray assembly
A type of assembly. The graphical representation of the 3D printer tray. A tray assembly saves the position and size of the models, together with the colors that were assigned to them.