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To Generate Support Structures
When you connect to a printer through a Materialise build processor, you can generate support structures when you prepare a model for printing. This procedure is a part of the procedures described in About Preparing Models for 3D Printing and To Create a Tray Assembly.
Click Generate Support. Support structures are generated for all the models in the tray assembly.
The system creates a support component that appears at the bottom of the Model Tree. It contains all the support structures in the tray assembly. Each support block is a separate facet feature.
Because each support block is created separately, this process takes time and could be slow for complex models. It is possible to cancel the support generation, but cancelling could also have slow reaction.
When you generate support structures, the system applies a default support structure profile that is based on your model. After you generate support structures, you can apply a different profile to your tray assembly, or you can edit the parameters of the profile.