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Creo Generative Design 
Generative design is a software engineering capability which autonomously generates close to manufacture ready designs that are based on a set of engineering parameters. As an interactive process you, the engineer, specify the known goals and constraints, evaluate the results, and then add or refine the parameters to produce design results. The value, in addition to producing design alternatives, is in the acceleration of the design process.
The design process begins in Creo Parametric with definition of goals and constraints for the project. Examples of design parameters might include:
Design spaces
Load and operating conditions
Target weight and mass reduction
Manufacturing methods
The outcome is a design, one which you might not have envisioned, in a fraction of the time it would take without generative design.
Interactive simulation and generative topology optimization tools are available within Creo Parametric for single instance design. Generative design takes advantage of these individual technologies as part of an integrated toolset to deliver a design solution.