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About Editing the Model Design
By editing a design, you make changes to a model.
Although the editor permits you to make other changes (changes not discussed in the following topic) in the design, it ignores these changes upon execution. Only those discussed in the following topic are actually changed in the design.
For example, if a feature attribute was changed from THRU ALL to THRU NEXT, the attribute that appears in the model after execution is THRU ALL.
To edit a design, click PROGRAM > Edit Design. If two designs exist for the model, you must choose From Model or From File from the WHICH DESIGN menu.
When you edit your design for the first time, or after you have successfully incorporated changes in the model, the WHICH DESIGN menu does not appear. In these cases, the design is edited only From Model.
A warning appears when you attempt to edit From Model while a file with a Pro/PROGRAM listing exists in the working directory. This warning reminds you that when you exit from the editor the file will be overwritten with the new contents. If you still want to proceed with editing (this replaces an old design file), enter Y. To abort editing, enter N.
If you are working with an assembly that has components belonging to a family table, listings for instances may be viewed, but they cannot be edited, because the program always resides in the generic part.
To gain access to the listing in a generic assembly, assembly instances must be cleared from workstation memory.