To Print an Object to a File
1. Click File > Print > Print. The Printer Configuration dialog box opens.
2. Select a printer.
3. Under Destination, select To file.
4. Click OK. The Print to File dialog box opens.
5. Select one of the following:
Create Single File—Creates a single .plt file that contains all print information
Create Separate Files—Creates separate .plt files. Use this option if the plot will be on more than one page, such as if you print a drawing with multiple sheets, or if the plot is too large to fit on the specified paper size. In the former case, each drawing sheet is printed on a separate sheet of paper and saved to a separate .plt file. In the latter case, different parts of the plot are printed on different sheets of paper and saved to separate .plt files. The system uses the specified file name and appends numbers to each file name (such as drawing.plt, drawing1.plt, and so on).
Append to File—Appends the new plot to an existing .plt file. Typically, the .plt file is erased and recreated with the new plot information.
6. Under Name, accept the default file name or type a new name for the output file. Use the Browse button to search the directory structure to choose the location for the output file. This overwrites any default location. If you do not set the directory, the system stores the plot file in the current working directory and adds the .plt extension to the file name. If you want the extension of the plot file to depend on the plotter type, set the configuration file option plot_names to yes.
If you choose Append to File in the preceding step, click Browse to open the Save dialog box and select an existing .plt file to contain the additional .plt information for the active file.
If you choose Create Separate Files, the system creates a separate file for each print page in cases where the plot information is too big to fit on one page. The system appends a number to each file in order to create separate files. In cases where you want to print a multisheet drawing file, the system places each drawing sheet in a separate plot file and appends the sheet number to each plot file name.
7. Click OK. The system saves the .plt file and displays a message that the file has been created.
OLE objects are printed only as screen captures.