To Print an Object: Basic Procedure
1. Click File > Print > Print. The Printer Configuration dialog box opens.
2. Click . A shortcut menu appears.
3. Select another printer or add a new printer. The selected printer type is saved only for the current session.
4. Configure the printer page to format and scale the model for printing, and to set other printer options, as necessary.
5. Click OK.
6. In the Printer Configuration dialog box, set other print options as necessary.
If you select To file, complete the dialog box to specify the contents and structure of the plot files.
If you select To printer, specify the sheets (if available), quantity, and command for the print.
7. Click OK.
In the Plotter Command box you can type an operating system command for plotting (obtain this from your system administrator or the operating system guide for your workstation), or use the default command.