To Directly Plot a 3D View
To use a default plotter configuration or drawing template (when Drawing Template is selected for a view layout), set the configuration options quick_print_plotter_config_file and quick_print_drawing_template before you use the Quick Drawing command. Setting these configuration options eliminates the need to type a path or browse to these files from the Quick Drawing dialog box.
1. Open a part or assembly and click File > Print > Quick Drawing. The Quick Drawing dialog box opens.
The Quick Drawing command is available only while using the Standard (Part and Assembly) application.
2. Click a View Layout Definition.
Projection Layout—Selects the projection layout based on a named main view.
Manual Layout—Specifies the number of views, view layout, view scale, and view display style.
Drawing Template—Specifies a drawing template so you do not need to specify view name, view scale, and display style for each view.
3. Click the Print Flat To Screen Annotations check box to print flat-to-screen annotations created at screen locations on the drawing with reference to their relative locations in the Creo Parametric graphics window. Relative location of an annotation is defined by ratio of its placement location along the width and the height of the graphics window.
4. Depending on your View Layout Definition selection, click the appropriate procedure below: