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Retrieving an Earlier Version of a File
Although Creo Parametric automatically retrieves the latest saved version of an object, you can retrieve any previous version by entering the full file name with extension and version number (for example, bracket.prt.5).
If you do not know the specific version number, you can enter a number relative to the latest version. For example, to retrieve a part from two versions ago enter partname.prt.-2.
As a delimiter for the version number, use a period (.).
If an object is in the current session (in memory), Creo Parametric ignores any version number you add when you are retrieving it.
If you retrieve a file from a non-working directory, rename the file and then save it, the renamed file is saved to the directory from which it was originally retrieved. It is not saved in the current working directory.
You can also retrieve another version of a part already in memory as long as you give the part a new name. The part is retrieved into a subwindow under the new name.