About Exporting User Interface Custom Settings
You can export the custom settings of the ribbon and Quick Access toolbar, Graphics toolbar, selection filter, window settings (navigation tab settings, Model Tree settings, browser settings, accessory window settings) to a .ui file.
While exporting you can either retain the default filename of creo_parametric_customization.ui and save it in <User>\AppData\Roaming\PTC\ProENGINEER\Wildfire\.wf\.Settings (default) or you can specify a different file name and location.
The load order is automatically specified in the following way:
1. Administrator customization (if it exists in loadpoint)
2. User customization (<Users>\AppData\Roaming\PTC\ProENGINEER\Wildfire\.wf\.Settings)
3. Run directory customization ( if load_ui_customization_run_dir is set to yes)