About Customizing the Layout of the Window
The Window Settings tab in the Creo Parametric Options dialog box (File > Options) allows you to change the settings of the navigation window, Model Tree, Creo Parametric browser, accessory window, and Graphics toolbar. You can export the window settings to a .ui file using the Import/Export > Export window settings. You can later import these settings for use in another session using Import/Export > Import window settings.
The following options are available in the Window Settings tab.
Navigation tab settings
Navigation tabs placement—Allows you to change the placement of the navigation window. By default the navigation window is located to the left of the graphics window.
Navigation window width as a percentage of main window—Allows you to adjust the width of the navigator window. The default width is 10% of the width of the main window.
Show History tab— Allows you to add the history tab () to the navigation window. By default, the history tab is not present in the navigator. The history tab provides a record of Web locations you have visited in the Creo Parametric browser.
Model Tree settings
Model Tree placement—Allows you to change the placement of the Model Tree. By default the Model Tree is embedded in the navigation area.
Browser settings
Set Browser width as a percentage of main window to be—Allows you to change the width of the Creo Parametric browser as a percentage of the Creo Parametric window.
Use animation when opening or closing the browser—Select the check box to enable animation when opening and closing the browser.
Expand the browser during startup—Select the check box to expand the browser during startup.
Pages visited—Click Clear History to clear the history of pages visited.
Mozilla Browser Options—Opens the Options dialog box of Mozilla browser.
Accessory window settings
Accessory window size—Allows you to choose the size of the accessory window.
Graphics Toolbar Settings
Main Window- Graphics Toolbar location—Allows you to change the location of the Graphics toolbar in the Creo Parametric main window.
Accessory Window- Graphics Toolbar location—Allows you to change the location of the Graphics toolbar in the accessory window.
General Settings
Suppressed dialog boxes—Click Resume Display of Dialog Boxes to show dialog boxes that are suppressed. Dialog boxes are suppressed when you select a check box that has a message of the type “In future do not show this message”.
Dashboard panels position—Click Reset Panel’s Position to move all unattached dashboards back to the tabs that contain them.
Creo Update Notifier—Notifies you when a new release is available. It contains the following items:
Get updates on new releases and install the latest version—Click Read more to read about the new features in the latest version of Creo. Click Install to access a web page from where you can download and install the latest version of the software.
Let me know when a new version is available—Notifies you whenever a new version of Creo is available. A notification dialog box appears whenever a new version is available. You can read about new features, and install the new version.
To disable the new version notifications set the environment variable CREO_MOR_NOTIFY_DISABLE to true.