To Create a Family Table
1. Create a generic model that will serve as an original.
2. Click Tools > Family Table. The Family Table dialog box opens.
The model should have no rows for design variations.
3. Click . The Family Items dialog box opens.
4. Under Add Item, click the object type you want to add to the new variation.
5. Select the specific object you want to add using the Select dialog box.
6. Click Done Sel. The object is added under Items. Make sure the Filter box is checked to show the item.
7. Add all items by selecting them from the generic model. Click OK. You are returned to the Family Table. A "home" row is added containing the original object; new columns are added for each item you added.
8. Click Insert > Instance Row, or click . A new row is added for the first new instance.
9. Place the cursor in the empty cells and add the new values. You are in effect creating a new part with slightly different properties than the original. Cells for features may be set to Y or N, to indicate whether or not the instance contains the feature. If you want to inspect the instance, put the cursor anywhere in the instance row and click Open.
After an instance has been entered in the table, it can be retrieved and used like any other model.