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To Copy Items from One Layer to Another Layer
1. Click or in the Model Tree navigator window click and then click Layer Tree on the list. The Layer Tree opens.
2. Use the Copy and Cut commands on the Layer Tree Edit menu to move items from one layer to another in the active model.
3. Select one or more layer items in the Layer Tree.
A shortcut to select all items of a single layer is to first select the layer, and then right-click Select Items in the shortcut menu.
4. Click and then click Copy and Cut or use the shortcut menu.
5. Specify destination layers for the item or items. Only layers from the parent object of the item are available.
6. Click and then click Paste or click Paste Item on the shortcut menu to copy the item to the selected layers.
If the item is not hidden, it is highlighted in red.
If the item is a hidden geometry feature (such as a hole or round), or a hidden component, the geometry is still visible on the screen, but remains highlighted in red. Creo Parametric displays that the item is hidden in the message area.
If the item is hidden and is not visible on the model (such as a datum or axis), the item is not highlighted on the model.
You can select items that are shown or hidden. However, you cannot select suppressed items.
If the items are visible on the model (whether or not they are hidden), they are highlighted in red after you select them.
If you select a hidden component in an assembly, the component appears on the assembly highlighted in red.
If items such as datums and axes are hidden, they are not visible on the model and so are not highlighted.