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Example: A Sample Difference Report before Specifying Actions
If you set the info_output_format configuration option to html, the difference between features of the selected parts is listed in a report in the Creo Parametric browser window. Alternatively, you can also view the model information in an INFORMATION WINDOW, if the info_output_format configuration option is set to text. All the differences between the objects is itemized, listing a type of change (feature, layer, relation, and so forth), source and target name, item ID, description, and space for specifying an action.
Creo Parametric provides a standard set of descriptions. Note that not all descriptions apply to all change categories:
Redefined (Attributes, Section, Scheme, and so on)
Each description is appended, if applicable, with one of the following notations, indicating where the change is located:
In Target
In Source
The column with the ID indicates the location of the change. If the ID appears in both columns, then the modified item exists in both objects.
Differences in patterns are reported only for the pattern leaders.