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Accessing the Integrate Mode to Resolve Conflicts
To resolve revision conflicts, each mode in Creo Parametric includes the Integrate command.
The Integrate command accesses Integrate mode for retrieving integration project files (created in Pro/INTRALINK) generating difference reports.
The Difference Report
A difference report, displayed in the DIFF_VIEW Window by default, lists the differences between the source object and the target object, including all of their modified dependent objects, and serves as the basis of the integration session.
The MERGE_VIEW Window may be brought up, listing the differences between the source object and the target object in the order in which they must be resolved. Changes in a simplified representation of an object are shown in a difference report.
A difference report shows differences for the object in the active window and its dependents, if any. For example, if an assembly is the active object, differences in the assembly and in its components display in the difference report.
Using a difference report, you can specify actions that you want Creo Parametric to perform automatically on the target object to resolve the differences with the source object. This includes merging changes in the source object into the target object, deleting from the target those items that exist only in itself, or intentionally ignoring an item. (In other words, take no merge or delete action on it even though a difference is noted.)
A difference report shows the differences for all of the objects included in an integration project. You may specify actions only for an object that is modifiable in the current mode. For instance, an integration project file for an assembly includes the differences of all of its components.
If the active object is a part that is a member of the assembly, the differences for the parent assembly still display in the difference report, but in Part mode, you may specify actions only for the part. To specify actions for the parent assembly, you must retrieve it into Assembly mode.
Sample Difference Report Before Specifying Actions shows an example of a difference report before commands in the ACTION menu are used to specify how a difference must be resolved.