About Saving Queries to Feature
You can save one or more queries in the copy geometry and publish geometry features. These features retain the search tool queries that are stored in its collectors. A collector stores queries only for items that are valid for that collector. For example, the surface collector stores queries only for surfaces, while the chain collector stores queries for edges and curves only.
Shrinkwrap features created through copy geometry features do not support saving of queries in features.
You can build a query in copy geometry or publish geometry feature by opening the search tool from the collector of the current feature. You can either build a new query in the search tool or retrieve a saved query. Once you have built the query, you can save that query to the feature by using the Option > Save Query To Feature command in the search tool. Save Query To Feature is available only when the search tool is activated from the copy geometry or publish geometry features. Saving a query ensures that the query is stored in the feature for future use.
On saving a query, name of the saved query is displayed in the collector. All items collected by the saved query are used as references.
The saved queries used by the copy geometry and publish geometry features must be within the limits and the scope supported by such features.
You can remove the rules associated with the copy geometry or publish geometry features to manually collect items from the results of that saved query. This means, the items are collected as if you have manually collected these items without building a rule-based query.
You can also update and save simple and nested queries within the copy geometry and publish geometry features. However, to update queries, these features must be dependent.
If you modify a model, regenerating the model does not update the query saved in that model. You must explicitly update the query by right-clicking the publish geometry or copy geometry feature on the Model Tree and clicking Update Query on the shortcut menu. You can use the Update Query command only for one feature, or one query at a time.
You can save queries and rules defined for the following items in a copy geometry or a publish geometry feature:
Quilts (But not for surfaces collected by quilts)
Datum point
Datum plane
Coordinate systems
Copy Geometry Features