Using the usermain.c Template
Creo Parametric provides a C file template usermain.c to help you write user programs. This template has full read and write access to the parameter list through the C programming environment. The template describes how to use parameters as variables, how to declare nonparameter variables, and where to enter the executable routines. The template is stored in the .../usrprog/umain directory.
If you want to add your own include files, enclose their names in quotes:
#include "my_funcs.h"
The system looks for those files first in the current directory and then in the directory defined by the environment variable PRO_USRINCS. By default, PRO_USRINCS is usually defined as the directory that contains usermain.c. If you want the system to look in another directory, you can either change the value of PRO_USRINCS appropriately or provide the full path of the file in the include statement:
#include "/usr/C_libs/my_funcs.h"