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To Create a Restricted Value Parameter
1. Specify the location of the restriction definition file by setting the restricted_val_definition configuration option.
2. Click Tools > Parameters. The Parameters dialog box opens.
3. Click .
4. Locate the column Restricted and click the cell.
5. Click the Name cell and either type a name or select a name from a list of predefined parameter names. The type of the parameter is automatically selected.
If you add a parameter whose name matches the name of a parameter in the table-restricted parameter table, a warning message appears and the parameter is not added.
6. Specify the parameter value by typing a valid value or selecting a value from a list.
If the parameter has a range of values, you can investigate the valid range either by entering any value in the Value box and obtaining the message for the valid range, or by clicking Properties and then clicking the Definition tab in the Properties dialog box.