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To Copy Parameters between Two Models in Session
1. Click Tools > Parameters. The Parameters dialog box opens.
In NC Manufacturing or CMM, you can open the Parameters dialog box by clicking Setup > Parameters on the menu manager.
2. Right-click any cell for the parameter definition that you want to copy. A shortcut menu appears.
To select more than one parameter definition at a time, hold down the CTRL key and select the required parameter definitions.
3. Click Select Parameter.
4. Click Edit > Copy. The selected parameter definition is copied to the clipboard.
You can paste the copied parameter even if you close the Parameters dialog box, and open it but in the same session. The clipboard content remains valid as long as all source models, from where the parameters are copied, are in session. If you end the session, the clipboard is cleared.
5. Open another model or select another feature to which you want to copy the selected parameter definition.
6. Click Edit > Paste. The parameter definition is copied to the selected model or feature. If one of the copied parameters has a conflicting name or violates global restrictions in the model, the Copy Parameters dialog box opens to resolve the conflict in it. For details, refer Resolving Parameter Conflicts