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About Parameter Properties
For each parameter, you can define the following properties:
Name—You cannot edit the name of an existing user-defined parameter.
Type—The following parameter types are supported:
Integer—The value for this parameter is a number.
Real Number—The value for this parameter is a decimal number.
String—The value for this parameter is a string.
Yes No—The value for this parameter is YES or NO.
Note—The value for this parameter is the ID of a model note.
Value—Specifies the parameter value.
Unit—Defines units for a parameter from the list of units.
You can define units only for the parameter type Real Number and only while creating a parameter.
Designate—You can designate selected system and user parameters for use as attributes in Pro/INTRALINK or another PDM system.
Access—Defines access to the parameter as follows:
Full—Parameters with full access are user-defined parameters. You can modify these parameters from any application.
Limited—You can set full access parameters to limited access. You cannot modify parameters with Limited access by a relation. Limited access parameters are modified only through Family Tables and Program.
Locked—Parameters with locked access are parameters that can be locked either by an external application such as Data Management System, Analysis features, Relations, or Program, or by a user. You can modify parameters locked by an external application only from within an external application. You cannot modify user-defined locked parameters from within any external application.
Source—Indicates where the parameter was created or from where it is driven.
Description—Provides a description for the parameter.
Restricted—Indicates restricted value parameter whose properties are defined by an external file.