To Remove an Appearance from the Model
1. Click View and then click the arrow below Appearances. The appearance gallery opens.
2. Click Clear Appearance and select the object from which you want to clear the appearance.
3. Click OK when prompted for confirmation.
4. Alternatively, in the Model palette, right click the appearance that you want to remove and click Select Objects. All objects that have the selected appearance applied are selected.
5. Click Clear Appearance to clear the appearance from the selected objects.
6. Click Clear Assembly Appearances to clear appearances applied to components of an assembly. This option clears appearances applied to components at the assembly level. Appearances that are applied to components at the part level are retained.
7. Click Clear All Appearances and OK when prompted for confirmation to clear all part and assembly level appearances applied to the model. The default appearance is applied to the selected object. The appearance gallery closes and the Appearances icon changes to the default appearance.