About the Measure Tool
When you activate the Measure tool and you select a reference entity, two user interface elements open:
A measurement panel that shows the measurements for the entity
The Measure dialog box that shows measurements for all selected entities, options, and more detailed information
Use the Measure tool in different ways depending on the type of measurement and the amount of information you want to show.
In summary mode, the default, all the measurements specific to the type of reference entity you select are shown.
To show only one measurement type, select the required measurement type when you first open the Measure tool.
To switch measurement types after the tool is open, click the required button in the Measure dialog box. Your reference entity selection is maintained when you switch measurement types within the tool.
Open the Measure tool first and then select reference entities to measure (action-object), or select an entity first and then open the tool (object-action).
Measure using the panels that appear next to the measured entities on the model, or use the Measure dialog box.