Using the Options Dialog Box
Use the Options dialog box to work with Creo Parametric configuration files in the following ways:
Load a different configuration file (the default is
Modify values for configuration options in Creo Parametric configuration files, including files and other files such as drawing setup files (available in Drawing mode only).
Toggle the display of all configuration options and values, or display only those options that are off-default and loaded locally.
Determine the source configuration file for each configuration option displayed.
Save copies of configuration files with custom settings for current sessions.
To access the Options dialog box, click Tools > Options.
The Showing list box displays the last file read, and the left pane shows the cumulative off-default settings that have been read from any files found in the search path while Creo Parametric is loading. The value, status, and source are shown for each option.
The source is defined as the configuration file and path that the option and value come from. You can use the list to show only the configuration options from each of the sources.
When Current Session is displayed in the Showing box, uncheck the Show only options loaded from file check box to show all options and values referenced during the current Creo Parametric session. When the box is checked, only those options and values loaded from files are displayed.
Application Effective Icons
The icon to the left of each option indicates whether a change is applied immediately, or on the next startup. The lightning icon means immediate effect. The wand icon means the change is applied to the next object created. The screen icon means the change is applied in the next session.
Editing Options and Values
When you make edits to options or values, the edits are saved to the file currently displayed in the Showing menu when you click Apply. If Current Session is displayed, the changes are saved to a file named, which is automatically created in the current working directory.
To edit a value, select it in the list window. The option appears in the Option: text field. The value appears in the Value: field. If the value is fixed, for example Yes or No, use the drop down list box to select from the choices for the option. If the value requires an integer, type it in.
To reset a value to the system default, select the value and click Delete. When the option and value are deleted, the system returns to referencing the default values.
Navigating the Options
Use the Sort list box to sort the options alphabetically or by category.
Use the Find button to open the Find Option dialog box and search for options using a text string and wildcard characters. For example, if you type 'ecad' in the Type keyword field, the dialog box lists all options using ecad in their strings. You can also use keywords and wildcard characters to search the descriptions. You can change values for the selected configuration options from within the Find Option dialog box.
You must still click Apply in the Options dialog box to save changes to the session.