Using Any Analysis Dialog Box
A separate dialog box opens for each type of analysis. These dialog boxes allow you to select the type of analysis, references, and set the options. The analysis controls are organized into the following tabbed pages:
Analysis—You can select entities as references for the analysis. While all analyses have at least one selection set for references, some have additional selection sets such as a coordinate system, datum plane, datum axis, and so on depending on the type of analysis you select. You can define an analysis with options such as plot type, quality, and scale.
You can also select a Quick, Saved, or Feature type of analysis. Quick allows you to create a temporary analysis. Saved allows you to create a permanent analysis which is saved with the model while Feature allows to create a new feature for an analysis.
Feature is available only for those analysis types that supports feature creation.
The result of the analysis is displayed in the result area at the bottom of the dialog box that opens depending on the type of analysis you select. Wherever applicable, you can also click and then click to display the result of the analysis graphically, in the Chart-Tool window. The values of the parameters are also included in the analysis for the selected curve or edge.
Click to view the result in an INFORMATION WINDOW.
Feature—To regenerate the analysis feature, set the regeneration state to one of the following:
Always—Always regenerates the analysis feature during the model regeneration.
Read Only—Excludes the analysis feature from the model regeneration.
Only Design Study—Regenerates the analysis feature only when it is used by a design study.
You can create datums and parameters as a part of the feature. You can rename the parameter or datums of the selected entities, or accept the default name. Feature allows you to display datums for the current analysis.
If you click Repeat to start a new analysis, the result of the previous analysis in the result area at the bottom of the dialog box is cleared. On selecting a new entity, the result of the new analysis is displayed in the result area.