To Set a Default Menu Manager Menu Option
1. Create or open an existing local file.
2. Add to the file a line in the following format: menuname menuitem
menuname—Title as shown at the top of a menu. If the title consists of more than one word, spaces between the words must be changed to # (for example, the menuname for menu DIM PNT PNT would be entered as dim#pnt#pnt).
menuitem—Option in the menu menuname. If the option consists of more than one word, you must change spaces between the words to # (for example, enter the menuitemEdge Tangent as edge#tangent).
Remember to include only one space between the menuname and the menuitem.
The entries you make in the file are case insensitive.
3. Save the file. The new settings will take effect the next time you start Creo Parametric.
Any settings in a file created and stored in the loadpoint directory supercede your local file settings.